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A Letter of Love and Encouragement for my Daughter

My dearest one, as you journey into the unknown, I feel a sense of fear as if my heart has flown, But I trust in your strength and bravery, my dear, For you are a force to reckon with, without any fear.

May you chase your dreams and never give up, For you are capable of greatness, my love, don't ever stop, And if you ever feel lost or alone in your quest, Remember that you are always welcome home, where you can rest.

My home is your sanctuary, where love will permanently reside, And where your innocence will never subside, For you are my precious daughter, forever cherished and adored, And I will always be here for you, my love, to be your sword.

So go forth and explore my darling; the world is yours to seize, And know that you carry within you the power to please, Take with you my love, my blessings, and my pride, And know that wherever you go, my passion for you will abide.

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