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A Mother's Sacrifice: Putting Her Children First

My dear mother, with dreams and goals so bright,

But when more kids came, she put them out of sight.

Her passion, her drive, she set them aside,

To make sure her children had a smooth ride.

She sacrificed all her aspirations,

To give us a life entirely of jubilations.

She'd toil day and night, never a complaint,

Her love for us all never did faint.

She may have put her dreams on hold,

But her love for us will never grow old.

And though she may have given up her own,

She taught us to chase our dreams and never to be alone.

So here's to you, my selfless mother,

Who put us first, above any other.

Your strength and courage never fade,

And your love for us shall forever cascade.


Thanks for 29 blissful year's with you my love

❤️ Rest in Love

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